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Jill Brass


Jill has been around the real estate business since the day she was born. By the time she was old enough to get a job, she began working at her father’s Kalispell-based construction firm. That extensive background in building gave her invaluable insight into the inner-workings and nuances of the industry.

Working with family from a young age led Jill to value relationships, and she has carried that philosophy into her career as a real estate professional. She’s not happy if the client isn’t, and she knows that buying or selling a home is a team process. Clients never have to worry whether their voices will be heard, or whether their questions will be answered, or whether their concerns will be resolved.

As Jill says, “If I don’t know something, I will look it up. I will find it out. I will go to the source. I love to learn.” Because of that approach and her well-rounded background in the industry, as well as her broad network of connections and desire to build close relationships, Jill has a reputation for being a wealth of knowledge. Among her clients, she has a reputation as a tireless advocate: responsive, thorough, ethical, trustworthy, reliable, genuinely caring, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Jill is familiar with all loan types and is comfortable working with any type of house, in any price range, in any area: Marion, Columbia Falls, Whitefish, Bigfork, Ferndale, Creston, Kalispell, you name it. This helps give her an exhaustive working knowledge of the local market, from its most distant corners to its biggest towns.

Jill spends her free time with family, including her husband, kid and parents. They love doing everything together: hunting, boating, camping, traveling, skiing. Her passion for Montana and family is only matched by her passion for offering a comprehensive, full-service real estate experience. She is thankful for the opportunity to work with great people in the most beautiful state in the country. After all, relationships matter most to her, in both her personal and her professional life.